Manufacturer: CIPLA

Generic Name: SILDENAFIL 100 MG

Package: 3 STRIP X 4 PILLS

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Active substance :

Suhagra-100 is the new original Cipla preparation. The drug passed all clinical trials and was encouraged by the United States Drug Administration (FDA). His Hagra 100 is used only to increase men’s potency. The composition includes the same sildenafil, as in Viagra Pfizer. Bluish-colored Sukhagry tablets, covered with a film shell with a clear fault line. It turns out that you can divide the pill into 2 parts and take the first hour today, and the second one tomorrow.


Each tablet contains 100 mg of active substance, which is considered the optimal dose for the treatment of sexual weakness. Take Suhagra-100, like regular Viagra, 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse. The main condition is sufficient sexual arousal, then blood flow to the penis begins to increase, causing a powerful erection. The Suhagra-100 tablet is valid for up to 5 hours, which is enough to perform a multitude of sexual acts. By drinking alcoholic beverages or a large amount of fatty foods, the effect is slower.

Side effects:

At reception of preparation at you undesirable phenomena can appear: a headache, dryness in a mouth, a zalozhennost of a nose. As soon as the action of the drug stops, all the side effects also disappear.