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Generic Name: SILDENAFIL -100 MG

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Medical preparation Silagra 100 mg is one of the most modern means to improve male potency. In fact, this is an analog of Viagra, however it is safer and not as expensive.

In the composition of the Silagra 100 preparation, the main component is also Sildenafil, which acts on the blood vessels of the genital organ, so that the blood circulation improves significantly and the man feels the flow of energy.

The duration of action is not more than 4 hours. And take the drug better half an hour before sex, so she had time to act. The dosage in this case is the same as for similar drugs. In no case should you use more than 100 mg per day. And the smallest dose is 25 mg. And the optimal dose is 50 mg.

As practice shows, the Silagra 100 medical tool allows you to deal with impotence of any severity, regardless of the causes of this condition. We want to immediately warn that the drug is contraindicated for minors, as well as for men over 65. Also, experts do not recommend abusing the drug for those who have kidney, liver or cardiovascular system problems.

And in any case, before using 100 mg of Silagra, we advise you to consult with qualified specialists to avoid possible problems.

Pharmacological effect:

The drug Silagra 100 is a unique product to date. In fact, this is an improved analog of Viagra. And its price is much lower and almost completely without side effects. In addition to Viagra, the most important component of the drug is Sildenafil, which provides a quality erection by improving blood circulation in a man’s genital area.

Indications for use:

We highly recommend the use of a medical product for men with erectile dysfunction. And regardless of the issues and the depth of the issue.

Ways of use:

The drug Silagra 100 mg should be used no less than 30 minutes before sex. It should be noted that the duration of exposure is not more than 4 hours. The optimal dose is 50 mg, the minimum dose is 25 mg, and the maximum dose is 100 mg. In no case should the medication be used more than once within 24 hours, because negative manifestations are possible. Also, eating a lot of food is not recommended when using the medication, and alcohol is also prohibited.


The medical product is contraindicated for men over 65 years of age. With a diseased heart, kidney or liver, experts also do not advise abusing the drug. In the presence of individual intolerance to the constituent components of the drug, we do not recommend the use of Silagra.